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iWire began its journey from Dubai, UAE in April 2018, bringing Sigfox to the GCC. From this humble beginning, we are now operational in 10 countries, making us the largest SIGFOX operator, serving over 2 Billion people

Our team is composed of individuals that understand that strong relationships with each other, our families, and our customers serve as the foundation for sustained success. Integrity shapes all of our decision making, establishing the strongest level of trust between each other and all those that we interact with.

Together with our partner ecosystem, we are able to offer a total integrated lot Solution and build loT value chain for our customers.

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Smart Lighting

Smart Parking

Water Meter

Waste Management

Fleet Management

Assets Management

Warehouse Management

Container Tracking

On Board Diagnostics

Asset Management

Smart Watch

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Technology Bites

Smart Cities and INDIA

As the number of urban residents grows, cities face new opportunities and many more challenges. IoT has the potential to tame the pressure of urbanization

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Agriculture and IOT – Smart Farms

Farming is one of the most important sectors that affect our daily lives.  From the beginning of time, we have felt the need to cultivate various food crops.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are both separate innovations. Their birth is not connected, yet they will live as one.

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