Asset tracking, or asset management, helps you to track physical assets as they move throughout the supply chain to monitor operations and prevent loss. Traditionally, businesses have relied on manual methods to keep track of high-value items, such as scanning barcodes or conducting inventories. With iWire’s smarTrack, companies can now streamline this process and make it much more effective.

  • Tracking devices. The form factor varies depending on the use case and the object that needs to be tracked. They may serve one purpose, such as straightforward tracking tags, or they may have multifunctional uses.
  • Connectivity. The device is connected to the Sigfox cloud which allows you to track your assets across all continents[in 70 countries]
  • How are those devices connected? You’ll need reliable network access everywhere your tracking devices may be deployed.
  • Management platform. You’ll also need a way to remotely manage connectivity, monitor device locations, and access device analytics.

How does iWire’s smarTrack asset management help you:

  • Less time-consuming asset management.
  • Real-time tracking. When your system is connected 24/7, you can use the iWire smarTrack platform to check in on a device’s location and status in real-time. This is very important for time-sensitive applications and personal safety or theft recovery.
  • More automated processes. Using the iWire smarTrack platform tracking system lets you automate related processes throughout the supply chain.
  • A recovery plan. In the event of loss of theft, you now have a way to locate the lost asset.


iWire’s smarTrack has revolutionized the way you can keep track of your things – either for business or personal. smarTrack has truly revolutionized the way, you can use SIGFOX enabled devices to keep track of all your belongings.

iWire’s smarTrack connects to the SIGFOX CLOUD and transfers the location of your device to you mobile or web application. Use these devices to know where your everyday objects are, anytime, anywhere.

smarTrack for containers – use the content from container tracking

smarTrack for luggage – While traveling let your mind relax and not fret about where your luggage is. Attached iWire’s smarTrack to your luggage, and keep track as your bag moves around the airport, from the security check, to boarding and offloading from the aircraft

smarTrack can be used to track your cattle (cows, sheep, goats, camels) etc and even your dog or cat, at home. Simply put this ultra small and light device around your pet, and get to know where it is.

smarTrack can be used to track your children on the way to school. Simply put the tracker in their school bag, and get to know where they are, real time.