Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things

Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things are both separate innovations. Their birth is not connected, yet they will live as one. A couple inseparable by time and space, an invention born out of necessity.

The combination of both the use cases have huge potential, and the ability to change life, as we know it both for business and personal applications. The world is set to get more intelligent, albeit artificially. Organizations are merging artificial intelligence—specifically, machine learning—into their IoT applications. The key: discovering insights in data.

Named AIoT, the union of AI and IoT is an amazing tool, either at the Edge or in the Cloud. The innovation is responsible for the accomplishment of a progressively efficient IoT operation, improve human-machine interactions, and upgrade data management and analytics. AI analytics can change IoT data into valuable, knowledgeable and useable data for an improved decision-making process.

 There is a clear intersection between the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). IoT is about sensors collecting data from various machines and AI is about making use of the data generated by those machines. AI simulates ‘intelligence’ in a machine.

As IoT devices will generate vast amounts of data, then AI will be functionally necessary to deal with these huge volumes if we’re to have any chance of making sense of the data.

Data is only useful if it creates an actionable point. It needs to be supplemented with context and creativity. IoT and AI together brings about this connected intelligence and not just connected devices.

AI is beneficial for both real-time and post event processing:

  • Post event processing – For example health – Analysis of family history, current lifestyle, physical activity, Body Vitals, etc can predict the way your health is going to turn and what steps you need to take to prevent an illness.
  • Real-time processing – responding quickly to present situations and data, and past experiences, using built up knowledge about those events.

With AI and ML embedded into iWire’s Sigfox enabled devices, you get:

  • Predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive
  • Adaptive/continuous analytics