Agriculture and IOT – SMART FARMS

Agriculture and IOT  – SMART FARMS

Farming is one of the most important sectors that affect our daily lives.  From the beginning of time, we have felt the need to cultivate various food crops. With the growing population and shrinking land available for farming, farmers now need to adopt new technologies to improve yield. The need to switch to organic has never been felt before. Excessive use of chemicals and fertilizers are not just bad for our health and that of insects like Bees, they also pollute the ground water – so crucial for our survival.

The recent years has seen a number of technological transformations, ensuring farming becomes more industrialized and technology-driven. By using various smart agriculture gadgets, farmers have gained better control over the process of raising livestock and growing crops, making it more predictable and improving its efficiency.

iWire’s smarTagri, is your way forward in bringing in IOT to your farms. By using IoT sensors to collect environmental and machine metrics, farmers can make informed decisions, and improve just about every aspect of their work – from livestock to crop farming.

For example, by using smart agriculture sensors to monitor the state of crops, and the pH of the soil or the nutrients present in the soil, based on geographical factors, farmers can determine the amount of water that is needed or the amount of nutrients to use to reach optimal efficiency.

In fact, the smart framing market share is set to reach $6.2 billion by 2021, globally. At the same time, the global smart agriculture market size is expected to triple by 2025, reaching $15.3 billion, from slightly over $5 billion in 2016.

The Benefits of smart farming:

  1. Data collected by smart agriculture sensors,g. weather conditions, soil quality, crop’s growth progress or cattle’s health.
  1. Better control over the internal processes and, hence lower production risks. The ability to foresee the output of your production allows you to plan for better product distribution.
  1. Cost management and waste reduction thanks to the increased control over the production. Being able to see any anomalies in the crop growth or livestock health, you will be able to mitigate the risks of losing your yield.
  2. Increased business efficiency through process automation. By using smart devices, you can automate multiple processes across your production cycle, e.g. irrigation, fertilizing, or pest control.
  3. Enhanced product quality and volumes. Achieve better control over the production process and maintain higher standards of crop quality and growth capacity through automation.

IoT use cases in agriculture

1. Monitoring of climate conditions
2. Greenhouse automation
3. Crop management
4. Cattle monitoring and management
5. Precision farming
6. Agricultural drones
7. Predictive analytics for smart farming
8. End-to-end farm management systems

What goes into making the perfect IoT system for Agriculture

  1. The hardware: Sensors

This is one of the most critical aspects. The ability of the device to communicate with the Sigfox Cloud, irrespective of power available. Here, Sigfox enabled devices play a crucial role owing to sensor accuracy and long battery life

  1. The brain

The core of a smart agriculture solution is Data analytics. iWire’s AI based platforms, enable you to have powerful data analytics capabilities and apply predictive algorithms and machine learning in order to obtain actionable insights based on the collected data.

  1. The mobility

You should be able to access the data anytime, anywhere. Sigfox cloud based data and iWire’s apps are best suited to give you timely and accurate information allowing you to make real-time, informed decisions.

  1. Connectivity

You need to have a network on your farm through which data can flow to your web app or mobile app. Sigfox base stations give the best LPWAN coverage with almost nil down-time.

  1. Data security in the agriculture industry

Your data is your property. The Sigfox system uses some of the most advanced security system in the world, enabling you to rest easy when it comes to security of your data. By a series of in-built security measures, you can rest assured that your data is highly secured.

To summarize, the future of farming is inter twined to the use of IOT. This covers the complete chain – Farm to Fork. iWire’s devices from farming, to transport monitoring, to warehouse management, to retail store management, covers the entire requirement and the icing is the AI and Machine learning that is brought in, to give you real-time data to help you make informed decisions.