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About iWire Technologies

iWire began its journey from Dubai, UAE in April 2018, bringing Sigfox to the GCC. From this humble beginning, we are now operational in 10 countries, making us the largest SIGFOX operator, serving over 2 Billion people

Our team is composed of individuals that understand that strong relationships with each other, our families, and our customers serve as the foundation for sustained success. Integrity shapes all of our decision making, establishing the strongest level of trust between each other and all those that we interact with.

We love everything about business, and focus on hiring talent that possesses the desire, endurance, and capability to thrive through the ups and downs of being entrepreneurial. We appreciate that technology is only truly exceptional when it demonstrates the ability to effectively enable the business

Every employee at iWire possesses an unquenchable thirst for continued learning, resulting in a humble but unparalleled drive to become stronger and smarter. Our ability to consistently deliver measurable results is seen as extraordinary by our customers, and to us simply an expected outcome to a commitment that we’ve made.

GITEX – iWire & SigFox

Our Approach

Our Mission

We are on a mission to connect everything, making things around us come alive and communicate with us. In doing so, we are on our way to impact the trajectory of human development, for better.

Our Vision

We envision a better future, by building a more connected world-integrated, intelligent, and impactful.

What We Do

We help companies make the transition to Industry 4.0 and also to move from an older practice, to a more efficient, real-time, data driven business model, enabling you to make decisions based on data analytics, real-time and historic, enabling you to understand where to cut costs, reduce down-time, fine tune your supply chain, thereby, increasing your profitability and shareholder value.

Core Values

We will always be honest and accountable to the people we work with and the customers we serve. We are all change agents, technology enthusiasts, with high standards in employee satisfaction and customer delight.


Vyomesh Thakkar
Co-Founder, Group Director

Vyomesh Thakkar has over 25 years of experience in managing large scale back-office operations, specializing in the banking, technology outsourcing, and digitization.

Ahmed Fasih Akhtar
Founder, Chairman & Group CEO

Ahmed Fasih Akhtar brings more than 27 years of technology and leadership experience, in building and deploying technology solutions for the government, retail, aviation, automotive.

Firoz Karumannil
Co-Founder, Group Director

Firoz has over 20 years of experience working in the banking, trading and services industry and brings astute business acumen and marketing skills.


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