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Gone are the days, when the watch told us nothing, other than the time of day, date, month and year. Today, the watch is much more than a status symbol. Time has evolved, and with the changes in time, so has the time keeper, adding and adapting to new technology, with ease and aplomb. From the pocket, to the wrist, the watch is not just a timekeeper but helps in keeping tabs on anything and everything, you do or need to do, depending upon your selection of settings.

Smart watches of today, can not only tell you the time, across the world, it can tell you about your heart, your physical activity, your location, your mood and much more. It can be used to receive phone calls, read and reply to text (sms and emails), listen to music, and give you alerts on your need for activity and sunshine.

Connected with your mobile phones, via Bluetooth, you can do so much more and be so much more efficient. Voice commands help you ensure the right environment at home or in office, give you real-time updates on your locations, trigger alerts based on your body vitals. The smart watch of today, for example, has a heart rate monitor, pedometer, temperature reading, ECG Analysis, sleep monitor, sedentary reminder, social distancing alert, and much more.

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The built-in user experience makes for comfortable viewing of data. The addition of AI, helps give you alerts based on family history, present lifestyle and present vital readings. Reminders to take your medication, to drink water or simply to get up and take a short walk, all added to give you a more healthy life. If you need more exercise, to help control that blood sugar, or ensure your lipids are under check, or to help you stress out, the smart watch does it all.

Keeping up with these changes in trends and adapting to technology, iWire and SLS have partnered to bring to you, a smart wearable called VITALZ.

Data is stored in a secure server with the highest of security built-in, to ensure privacy. Get weekly or monthly historic data, which will help in better prognosis or diagnosis. The VITALZ wearable can be a boon to insurance companies to help ensure the well being of their clients. Children can track the well being of parents living miles away in near real Time, getting a sense of comfort that they are managing well.

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This is not just ‘another’ smart wearable. Apart from the fact that it can keep track of time, it also helps you monitor your body vitals – Blood pressure, Heart Rate, ECG, Oxygen levels, and sunlight intake. In an age of WFH, we hardly go out, thus ensuring less absorption of Vitamin D, so vital to our wellbeing. Use VITALZ to get into contactless, touch less, cashless, queue less, way of life.

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