Electric vehicles are the new buzzword. Everyone is talking, post the Covid-19 pandemic, of the need to reduce air pollution through emission from vehicles. Companies and governments, across the world are investing in electric vehicles, which can play a very major role in ensuring the global warming ‘slows down’.

The best way to reduce urban air pollution is to curb it at its source. Electrified vehicles would eliminate all the emissions from vehicles, since the end use of electricity is 100 percent clean.

Air pollution is the top five causes of deaths. Clean Air is our birthright. All nations on the planet have signed the Paris Accord in Dec 2015. All nations have pledged to bring down their share of global pollution by substantial margins by 2030.

The UN Sustainable Development Goal also targets to “Ensure healthy lives and promotes well-being for all at all ages”.

Electric vehicles as alternate In recent years, the popularity of electric vehicles has increased significantly. The realisation of the environmental benefits of electric vehicles, the demand for electric motor bikes and cars has gone up. Manufacturers have come up with better, improved models that are more energy-efficient and provide excellent performance on road.

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Electric vehicles don’t require gas. Instead, they run on electrically powered engines and are eco-friendly. As they don’t burn fossil fuels, electric vehicles don’t release harmful carbon emissions. An increase in the number of electric vehicles will go a long way when it comes to improving air-quality in urban places.

iWire and VerdeMobility a brand of System Level Solutions have partnered to develop the world’s first SIGFOX enabled Electric Vehicle Charging Station. The different variants can be used for personal or commercial purposes, drawing power from the grid or from solar. With a mobile app, that allows the vehicle owner to find the nearest available charging station, may payments based on charge and on-line, this unique machine, is the ‘thing’ every Government, Company with fleets, Mall owners, petrol pumps, need to implement.

Lets pledge to make our planet a ‘cleaner’ place, not because it is our ONLY HOME, but because we owe it to our future generations.

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