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Welcome to iWire’s SMARTRACK solution for containers. Get that peace-of-mind, you deserve, when you transport your items by land or by sea or air. Get to know, in real-time, how you can get:

  • End-to-end visibility — you know where your cargo is not just in the first, last mile, or port-level, but also throughout its journey.
  • A single unified view — of all your containers without missing even the smallest piece of information.
  • Timely inspection, tamper, and idling alerts — so you can take timely action to deal with anomalies.
  • Predictive ETAs — so that you don’t need to grapple with last-moment second-hand information when it comes to sharing an ETA with the customer.
  • Dependable condition monitoring — know about things like container rain, physical shock, or temperature spikes in transit, making it easier to know when any delay or damage happens and what you can do about it.
  • Other essential information — like route changes, inspections en-route, delays, or detention.
  • Easy reusable tracker recovery — which is the best thing about the portable plug-and-play IoT container tracking devices; you can just mail the devices back after use.

iWire’s SMARTRACK is not just any IOT device, but a SIGFOX enabled device which comes with an AI packed platform to give you actionable data. Track the movement of your items across continents and countries, on sea or in-land or when air borne. You can now track the location of your items, and get to know about the route taken (in case of deviations, get alerted).

The SMARTRACK device has a LONG battery life, sends you alerts incase of attempts to remove the tracker, and is IP67 protected, ensuring it works in any weather condition.

The best thing about using iWire’s SMARTRACK is that you get to:

  • Track a container from the first mile through to the last mile
  • Track the container when it’s on the ocean
  • Monitor and report the condition of the goods inside
  • Alert you in case anything’s amiss early enough to take corrective actions
  • Plan your supply-chain more efficiently to help increase your profits

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